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Christopher Herrick
English Organ Music Workshop

The pipe organ developed differently in England, France and Germany, leading to different styles of composition for the instrument. Christopher Herrick has devised a workshop based on a selection of pieces illustrating England's particular musical journey from small chamber organs to very large and colourful instruments in big concert halls and cathedrals.

When a workshop is arranged, the pieces will be available in pdf format through an internet link. This will only be available to participants who should use the copies solely for the workshop. For any other use, organists are asked to purchase the music. The pieces are graded 'Easy', 'Medium Difficulty' and 'Advanced'.

The chosen workshop pieces range from an anonymous 16th Century piece, through Purcell, Boyce, the Wesleys, Elgar and Howells, to some delightful contemporary pieces in accessible styles.

Christopher Herrick is also open to other forms of workshop or masterclass, for instance where organists bring repertoire of their own choice from any period or country for discussion or advice.

Contact Christopher Herrick ( ) as a first step toward hosting a workshop. Details of typical workshop content can be provided.
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